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When is it?

The 15th Schools Science Conference, Science for Discovery will take place on Wednesday 18th April 2018.

The Conference aims to:

  • Inspire students to study science
  • Demonstrate the importance of science in health and everyday life
  • Showcase some of the exciting and rewarding careers open to those who study science.

Where is it?

The conference is being held in collaboration with the University of Westminster, 115 New Cavendish St, London W1W 6UW.

We are delighted to have this opportunity to collaborate again with the University of Westminster for 2018. This central location has fabulous facilities and will enable us to focus on the very popular interactive stands section of the event. In addition, the range of scientific careers covered will be increased. Finally, it enables the students, many for the first time, to see and experience a University atmosphere.

We are also looking forward to continuing our close association with The Royal College of Pathologists who will be providing an exciting interactive workshop session on the programme.

Why attend?

The theme, Science for Discovery, was chosen as science has always played a vital role in new developments in the NHS; cutting-edge treatments such as gene therapy, new diagnostic tests among others. With the current financial constraints, planning for the future will have to consider how essential science and scientific development can be delivered in a cost effective manner.

The unique feature of these conferences is that they are conversational events giving the students ample time to discuss science and its applications with professionals. The day is broken up into sessions consisting of interactive hands-on demonstrations and displays, workshops, lectures and presentations by the students themselves of projects undertaken at school or in a Science Club.

Most of the content is relevant to the school curriculum and the students learn about the various routes of entry into different science careers, some straight from school, some from college and others after University.

It is difficult to arrange work experience in a laboratory environment due to Health and Safety issues as well ask confidentiality. The conference demonstrates to students with hands-on activities the nature of work that Scientists may undertake. It also offers students a unique opportunity to speak to Scientists and Healthcare Professionals. It is an unprecedented opportunity!

Who can attend?

The Conference is for students in school years 9 to 11.

It is open to students of all abilities and we try to reach the less academic and less-privileged schools.

What is required?


In the terms and conditions of registration for 2018 we will require schools to undertake a science project, and for students to present their work at the conference. The projects may range from a brief experiment, to observational studies, surveys or an extended project. We have attached an information pack that provides further ideas and guidance. The project can be a piece of work that is done as part of the curriculum; it doesn’t need to be an additional undertaking!

Projects may be eligible for a CREST Bronze Award. CREST is a widely recognised national award scheme run by the British Science Association to recognise excellent and creative project work in science, technology, engineering and maths.

CREST Awards are available at Discovery, Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, depending on the amount and depth of work you carry out. Bronze Awards need around 10 hours of project work and are typically completed by 11 to 14 year‑olds. You can find out more and register for the Awards online at or email

If you wish, STEM Ambassadors are available to support you with these projects.

As part of the National STEM Learning Network, the STEM Ambassadors programme is working to make a difference in STEM education and address the UK’s skills gap. STEM Ambassadors are volunteers working in STEM-related careers and are passionate about STEM and want to help inspire young people to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) studies and careers. STEM Ambassadors cross all ages and backgrounds, representing over a vast spectrum of different employers across the UK. As professionals and specialists in their field, STEM Ambassadors bring real-life industry experience into context and enrich young people’s knowledge of the breadth of STEM-related careers and opportunities available. They get involved in a variety of activities both in and outside of the classroom, including STEM Club activities, speed networking, mentoring and large festivals and fairs, as well as helping to develop resources or other forms of support.

With a community of over 30,000 volunteers, they are an important and exciting, free of charge resource for learners, teachers, youth and community groups and other individuals working with young people across the UK in supporting to promote STEM subjects to young learners in a vast range of original, creative, practical and engaging ways. Evidence shows that 90% of young people who engage with STEM Ambassadors say that it increases their engagement with STEM, helping them to make informed decisions about their future careers.

We can work with you to find STEM Ambassadors local to you that can support the projects, activities, clubs, lessons, careers fairs or events that you are running. In London there are 2,500 brilliant and inspiring volunteers helping to support the STEM curriculum and raise awareness of STEM careers, by revealing how essential STEM is throughout the world. Our Ambassadors include apprentices, zoologists, set designers, climate change scientists, engineers, farmers, geologists, nuclear physicists, and architects.

To find out more information and request a STEM Ambassador please visit,

How much is it?

The conference is free to attend! However, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee for non-attendance if cancelled within 2 weeks of the event. As we are sure you will appreciate a good deal of effort and funds are required to stage this event so the penalty is in place simply to ensure that places are not wasted.

Our Schools Science Conferences are funded from grants and donations and are presented by volunteer scientists from the NHS, academia, industry and the Allied Health Professions, all of whom are eager to explain what they do and why and to tell the students what they enjoy about their jobs. As you can imagine, raising funds is difficult, however from the students and teachers, we know that these conferences have a positive impact upon the students, motivating them to study science and influencing their career aspirations and choices.

We hope that you and your students will be able to attend our 15th Schools Science Conference.

Terms and conditions of registration


Evaluation forms for teachers and students

Evaluation forms must be completed and handed in at the event by all students and teachers

Packed lunch

Students and teachers must bring a packed lunch to this event
A small bottle of water will be provided for students and coffee/tea will be available for teachers

Science Project

Our students will undertake a project to be presented at the Conference

Please note that there will be opportunity to enter your project(s) for a CREST award
if you would like to follow guidelines:


Please note that if we receive a cancellation from a school less than two weeks before we will charge a cancellation fee of £20 per head or £250 (whichever is the greater) to cover administration costs


Download the application form here



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Our guide to Creating a Good Presentation will help get you started with your project.

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