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Through the different doors of the immunology department you’ll find out about our vital role in helping doctors diagnose and monitor a range of diseases that have adverse effects on the immune system.

You can find out about how the immune system can be overactive in the autoimmunity lab and how it can be deficient in the cellular lab.

Discover how patients with HIV are monitored and managed in the molecular section or why not visit the Allergy lab to learn how we find out what substances provoke allergic reactions.

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Specimen reception plays one of the most important roles in the pathology department
Allergies are becoming more common, affecting between 15 and 20% of the population
Autoimmunity is an abnormal biological process that can lead to pathological disease
The bulk of laboratory cellular work is involved in the investigation immunodeficiency
Since the 1980s HIV infections and AIDS have become an increasing concern in healthcare
Every test performed on patient samples has at some point gone through a development stage