Calling all scientists and healthcare professionals

We are looking for scientists and healthcare professionals to help with our 15th Annual Schools Science Conference based on the theme Science for Discovery.
Please register at the bottom of this page if you are able to take part.

When is it?

The conference will take place on Wednesday 18th April 2018.

The conference aims to:

  • Inspire students to study science
  • Demonstrate the importance of science in health and everyday life
  • Showcase some of the exciting and rewarding careers open to those who study science.

Where is it?

The conference is being at the University of Westminster, 115 New Cavendish St, London W1W 6UW.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate again with the University of Westminster in 2018. This central location has fabulous facilities and enables us to have an expanded interactive stands section and as there is more space at this venue all will be less crowded than in the past. Finally it enables the students, many for the first time, to see and experience a University atmosphere.

Why attend?

The conference is a unique opportunity to inspire the next generation of scientists and health professionals. The main feature of these conferences is that they are conversational events giving the students ample time to discuss science and its applications with professionals. You will have the opportunity to explain what you do and why, and to tell the students what you enjoy about your chosen jobs.

The day is broken up into sessions consisting of interactive hands-on demonstrations and displays, workshops, lectures and presentations by the students of projects undertaken at school or in Science Club. We encourage everyone to make the content as relevant as possible to the school curriculum and hope the students will learn about the various routes of entry into different science careers, some straight from school, some from college and others after University.

Our Schools Science Conferences are funded from grants and donations and are presented by you our volunteer scientists from the NHS, academia, industry and the Allied Health Professions. As you can imagine, raising funds is difficult; however, from the students and teachers, we know that these conferences have a positive impact upon the students, motivating them to study science and influencing their career aspirations and choices so your support is vital to the success of the conference.

The day is always very lively and there is plenty of opportunity for you to make contact with fellow professionals.

Who will attend?

The Conference is for students in school years 9 to 11. These conferences are open to students of all abilities and we try to reach the less academic and less-privileged schools. For example, of the 19 schools attending, 8 failed to meet the government target of 70% 5 A-C GCSE Passes. 32% of students attending received free school meals. The students came from many different ethnicities; 70% were Asian, Black, Chinese or mixed ethnicity. English was a second language for 41% of the students.

How to take part?

We would be grateful if you and a few colleagues could take part in the interactive stand section of this event. We ask that you display/showcase aspects of your profession with hands-on activities so that students can interact with you. If you wish to bring publications with you, that is most welcome.

The theme, Science for Discovery, was chosen as science has always played a vital role in new developments in the NHS; cutting-edge treatments such as gene therapy, new diagnostic tests among others. With the current financial constraints, planning for the future will have to consider how essential science and scientific development can be delivered in a cost effective manner.

What is provided?

We will provide a table and a poster board. And access to electricity, if requested.

We hope that you will be able to take part in our 15th Annual Schools Science Conference.
If you could spare a day to take part then please register below!

Interactive Stands


  • We want the students to appreciate science’s broader place in society and to show the variety of worthwhile careers within science. It would be good if you would give this some thought and incorporate into your display/discussion.

Items supplied – If required

  • Table, poster display board, electricity
  • Floor space will be provided on request for supporting equipment, interactive displays, etc

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