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The 18th Annual Schools Science Conference took place online 21st April 2021 in collaboration with University of Westminster

Welcome to Science for the World

Influenced by current circumstances, the theme and title for this year’s virtual conference is Science for the World.

2020 saw the first global pandemic since the pandemic of the Spanish Flu in 1918 with less profound other pandemics in 1957 and 1968. This has affected the entire world and changed society worldwide. Scientists of all kinds have been needed like never before in the modern era - from Respiratory Scientists through to Virologists, from Immunologists through to Clinical Perfusionists – we all have had a key role to play.

Big global questions have arisen, such as, has the world responded and dealt with this appropriately? Where are we with worldwide vaccine availability, healthcare, food supply maintenance, has the impact on the environment been considered enough and how could the world be better placed to deal with another pandemic? Are you going to be part of the next generation of Healthcare Scientists fighting to answer these burning issues?
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