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The 16th Annual Schools Science Conference was held on 24th April 2019 at University of Westminster

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Science for Sustainability

The theme of the 16th Schools Science Conference is Science for Sustainability

This focuses on sustaining the health of people through the health of the planet.

In a period of increasing environmental awareness we need to consider how essential science, and scientific developments can be delivered in an environmentally friendly and a cost effective manner to benefit the health of us all.

  • As most people are aware, the health of the nation is inextricably linked to the state of our environment.
  • Scientists must choose wisely when balancing research for disease prevention versus disease treatment.
  • An example of this can be found with the increasing levels of asthma seen in school children in the UK today.
  • In the UK we have one of the highest rates of asthma in Europe with 1 in 11 children suffering and a study in 2014 showed that 90% of child deaths from asthma could have been prevented with the right care.
  • Since this study the number of children (aged 0-14) dying from asthma has dropped by 48% illustrating that by focussing on prevention as well as cure we can make improvements.
  • Of course, the rates of childhood asthma have increased partly because of the poor air quality in urban areas. 
  • So scientists also have to look at the wider causes of medical problems when determining how to prioritise clinical research.
  • Can you think of other medical conditions that are linked to our environment?
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