Science for Regeneration

The 19th Annual Schools Science Conference took place on 27th April 2022 at University of Westminster

Welcome to Science for Regeneration

Following unprecedented pandemic-related challenges over the last 2 years, Healthcare Scientists have had to dig deep and be creative. Now is when regeneration is taking place. This is the theme of the Science for Regeneration conference.

Regeneration in Healthcare Science means much more than recovery of service. For example, regeneration refers to renewing of tissue. This applies as part of a skin graft, organ-transplant, regrowth of tissue outside of the body and regeneration of cells post radiotherapy or chemotherapy. It applies to Biomedical Engineering – regeneration of machines thought defunct were refurbished and brought back to service during the pandemic. It applies to regeneration of eyesight via gene therapy and neuro-regeneration following injures to the nervous system. It applies to enabling regeneration of the environment by reversing climate change.

Science underpins the whole of healthcare and society, and without expert, dedicated scientists regenerative medicine and regenerative technologies would never take place.
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I just wanted to say how brilliant the event was. Our students absolutely loved it!

Leytonstone School