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Virtual Science Conference 2021

2020 saw the first global pandemic since the pandemic of the Spanish Flu in 1918 with less profound other pandemics in 1957 and 1968. This has affected the entire world and changed society worldwide. Scientists of all kinds have been essential - from Respiratory Scientists through to Virologists, from Immunologists through to Clinical Perfusionists – we all have had a key role to play.

Big global questions have arisen such as; has the world responded and dealt with this appropriately? Where are we with worldwide vaccine availability, healthcare, food supply maintenance, has the impact on the environment been considered enough and how could the world be better placed to deal with another pandemic? Are you going to be part of the next generation of Healthcare Scientists fighting to answer these burning issues?

Application to attend the 18th Schools Science Conference, Science for the World is now open.

Welcome to the Virtual Conference 2020

science4u is pleased to be able to share with you our Science for You – Virtual Conference 2020.

Many of you were due to join us at the University of Westminster in April this year to attend the Annual Schools Science Conference. Due to COVID-19 this has had to be postponed.

The majority of the healthcare scientists who would have met you at the conference in April are now working hard alongside their front line colleagues in their NHS and other public sector organisations to diagnose and treat COVID-19 patients and also look after all their other patients.

They are also mindful that inspiring our next generation of scientists is important and to highlight the very worthwhile and exciting careers that are available in healthcare science. With that in mind, scientist colleagues from The Royal College of Pathologists have created an excellent on line workshop called Split Your Genes that has interactive elements and 'how to' modules for you to complete; these are also curriculum related. We are also grateful to RCPath for the gift of £100 Amazon vouchers that are available to a winning student.

In addition to Split Your Genes, there are 3 other modules covering:
Medical Physics

The aim of these modules is to enable healthcare scientists to share their experience of their professions and give you some information of how you may be able to become a healthcare scientist in the future.

We do appreciate that this time is challenging and that over the next months it may be a slow return to normal life; however, it is also a time of great learning and great advances in science. With worldwide collaboration of scientists and other healthcare professionals going forward, this will help protect all of us.

Lastly we hope that you find this on line resource useful and we urge you to complete the evaluation and to let us have any comments once you have completed the 4 modules. There is a short Quiz incorporated into the Feedback form and the students providing the highest number of correct answers will be entered into a prize draw for a £50 Amazon voucher. Why not try your luck?

Stay alert and stay safe and we are really looking forward to seeing you again next year.

Kimberly Gilmour, Stuart Adams (Co-Chairs) and science4u Organising Group
Diagnosing diseases and specialised areas of Haematology
Taking images of your insides & treating diseases such as cancer
Get to grips with some key aspects of genetics and inheritance
A first step towards personalised medicine
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