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The 10th Annual Schools Science Conference was held on 19th March 2013 at The Royal College of Pathologists

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Science for Living

The theme of the 10th Schools Science Conference is Science for Living

We are delighted to be celebrating 10 years of schools science conferences

We are grateful to all the volunteers who each year enthusiastically share their knowledge of their particular areas of science. 

We also thank our many sponsors and donors whose support over the last ten years have made the conferences and web site possible. 

The excitement and lively participation of the students and teachers makes all of the effort of putting on the conferences worth while, as well as the reports from the teachers that the conferences stimulate the students to study science and influence their future career choices. Some schools have attended all 10 conferences and each year new schools come along and we are grateful for their attendance and feedback which enabled us go from strength to strength.

Being able to use the Royal College of Pathologists’ Education Centre has helped to ensure the future of the conferences as well as bringing the students into a prestigious building with a long association with Medical Sciences.

With everyone’s continuing support, we hope to be inspiring students for years to come.


Science for Experimentation

Witness riveting presentations and we unveil which school clinched the coveted trophy



Explore captivating snapshots captured during this year’s Conference


Challenge yourself and put your newfound science and healthcare knowledge to the test


Discover more about the sessions and view a digital version of the programme


Delve into the reception and gauge the resounding acclaim achieved by the Conference

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Reporter Competition

Read the fantastic reports that effectively captured the excitement of the day

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A heartfelt thank you to all the contributors who have brought this event to life

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Organising Group

Meet the visionary minds steering Science for Living: the Committee members