Science for Experimentation

Before the event, we invited schools to participate in a research project that would be showcased at the conference in the session Science for Experimentation.

All schools were competing for The Association for Clinical Biochemistry & Laboratory Medicine Trophy for the Don Henderson Award.

The conference featured a diverse range of outstanding presentations, as always.

This year’s recipients of the Don Henderson Award were the students from La Sainte Union Catholic School for their project, Keeping drinks hot!

Al-Sadiq and Al-Zahra Schools

Do energy drinks hydrate you better than water?

Bishop Douglass Catholic School

The five-second hoax

Capital City Academy

Mysterious matter in the Universe

Claremont High School Academy

The truth behind antibacterial handwashes!

Drayton Manor High School

Testing urine

Elthorne Park High School

Could Mars support plant life?

King Fahad Academy

How to improve the lives of the disabled

King Fahad Academy

What you don’t know can kill you!

La Sainte Union Catholic School

Keeping drinks hot!

Rokeby School

Microorganisms everwhere!

Sunbury Manor School

How dirty is the food technology equipment?

The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls

Prosthetic limbs

The Petersfield School

Weird and wonderful diseases of the world

Walworth Academy

Application of technology to the management of diabetes