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The 11th Annual Schools Science Conference was held on 19th March 2014 at The Royal College of Pathologists

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The theme of the 11th Schools Science Conference is Science for New Frontiers

 The theme was chosen to present science’s broader place in society and showing the variety of worthwhile careers within science. 

Some things to watch out for in Space Science in 2014!

  • 15 April
    A total lunar eclipse will occur
  • 29 April
    An annular solar eclipse will occur
  • June
    A Spanish team will launch a robotic lunar rover aboard a Chinese rocket, in an attempt to win the US$30 million Google Lunar X Prize
  • September
    NASA will conduct the first test flight of its Orion manned spacecraft
  • October
    NASA estimates that the comet C/2013 A1 will pass extremely close to Mars in October 2014, possibly even impacting the planet
  • 08 October
    A total lunar eclipse will occur
  • 23 October
    A partial solar eclipse will occur

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