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The Annual Schools Science Conference is organised by science4u

Science for Regeneration is the 19th Annual Schools Science Conference and is produced in collaboration with University of Westminster

The objectives of the Conference are to:

• Inspire students to study science
• Demonstrate the importance of science in health and everyday life
• Showcase some of the myriad careers open to those who study science

The conference is presented by Professional Scientists and Healthcare Professionals

Almost 350 secondary school & further education college students (years 9-11) attend with their teachers

Some 80-100 professional volunteer scientists from the NHS, academia and other public sectors, industry and commerce provide the backbone of the conference and hands-on interactive displays

Find out about the most recent event, Science for Regeneration, by following the 2022 link below.
Science for Regeneration
Science for the World
Science for Sustainability

showcasing exciting careers in science