#1. How does an EEG help with diagnosis of Epilepsy?

#2. Where is St Georges Univeristy of London?

#3. What is Radiotherapy used to treat?

#4. During which decade was the first patient simulator invented?

#5. What is the name of the piece of equipment used to deliver photon radiotherapy?

#6. What is the name of the spiral-shaped organ of hearing?

#7. What does FACS stand for?

#8. What type of field does MRI scanner use?

#9. Which is the biggest cell in the human body?

#10. Which of these does NOT use ionising radiation?

#11. How many clinical scientists are there in the UK?

#12. What is the largest chromosome in a human cell?

#13. What does CD stand for in relation to cell sorting?

#14. Which type of blood cells make antibodies?

#15. What kind of technology is capable of producing a whole range of materials including jewellery, drug delivery formulations and chocolate?

#16. Why is a crossmatch needed before a kidney transplant can take place?

#17. Which exposure will give you the highest dose of radiation?

#18. What is an EEG?

#19. When was the first IVF baby born?

#20. Which of the following may be diagnosed with a cardiorespiratory sleep study?

#21. Name the new technology used by therapists to help people overcome their phobias?

#22. Which of the following is an unlikely a way that a pathogen can acquire antimicrobial resistance?

#23. Do a kidney transplant patient and donor need to be ABO blood group compatible?

#24. Which of these are an example of a white blood cell?

#25. What does BiPAP stand for?

#26. What is the age of consent to be a bone marrow donor?

#27. What is the name of the sensation of an internal noise in the ear, despite the lack of an external sound? (It is often described as ringing or buzzing)

#28. What is the main role of red blood cells?

#29. How clinical science specialisms are there in the UK?

#30. What is the frequency of the alpha rhythm?


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