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Science in Health and Life

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We are thrilled to say that the feedback received has been overwhelmingly positive.

Our attendees praised the content of the sessions, the professionalism of our speakers, and the organization of the event. The collaborative and engaging atmosphere created throughout the day has been celebrated by all. It is clear that the hard work and dedication put into planning this event has paid off, and we want to personally thank everyone involved for contributing to its success.

It was a pleasure to host you all, and we hope that some of the attendees of the day will become the scientists of tomorrow.

Thank you, once again, for your participation and support.

Chair of the Organising Committee

Science in Health and Life

The 5th Annual Schools Science Conference took place on 12th March 2008

Kensington Town Hall

Hornton Street
W8 7NX

Healthcare Science Ambassadors of the Year!

The NHS Chief Scientific Officer’s prestigious Healthcare Science Ambassadors Award has been awarded to the Annual Schools Science Conference.