Welcome! Are you ready to put your knowledge to the test? 

Whether you’re looking to prove your expertise, review key takeaways from the conference, or are simply curious about science and healthcare, our quiz is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and expand your understanding. From general knowledge questions to in-depth healthcare information, this quiz is designed to examine your level of understanding and potentially highlight areas for further learning. 

So, are you up for the challenge? Gather your thinking cap and let’s begin!


#1. What is microbiology the study of?

#2. What does HLA stand for?

#3. What are the common nutritional concerns regarding high sugar drinks?

#4. What does an ECG show?

#5. How much sugar does normal urine contain?

#6. What was the first disease that Koch investigated?

#7. Name the longest bone in the human body

#8. What is the normal blood pressure in millimeters of mercury pressure (mmHg) for an average adult?

#9. What do the blue and red colours represent in anatomy diagrams?

#10. What does HAART stand for?

#11. What test is always carried out prior to a renal transplant?

#12. Do you need a degree to become a radiographer?

#13. Do people who drink between 7 and 21 units of spirits a week double their likelihood of getting cancer of the digestive tract?

#14. What does MRSA stand for?

#15. After smoking, is obesity one of the most important preventable causes of cancer?


Science in Health and Life

The 5th Annual Schools Science Conference took place on 12th March 2008

Kensington Town Hall

Hornton Street
W8 7NX

Healthcare Science Ambassadors of the Year!

The NHS Chief Scientific Officer’s prestigious Healthcare Science Ambassadors Award has been awarded to the Annual Schools Science Conference.