The 9th Schools Science Conference comprised the following exciting sessions:

  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Science for ExperimentationYoung scientists present their own work 
  • Science for Interaction
    • Science in Practice – Interactive exhibits
    • Battle of the Devices – Interactive Workshop
    • Olympic Gold – Interactive Workshop
  • Science for EducatorsCPD Teachers’ Workshop
  • Round-up & Prize Giving

Science for Interaction

Science in Practice – 1, 2 & 3

Interactive Exhibits 
Meet the Scientists and Healthcare Professionals

Hands-on interactive sessions where you meet scientists, try out some scientific equipment, undertake scientific assessments, answer questions for prizes and learn how science is applied to healthcare.

You can also ask them specific questions about:

  • Careers within the professions
  • Routes of entry
  • University information
  • NHS Careers

AND don’t forget to ask scientists what they do and why they love their jobs.

Battle of the Devices

Interactive Workshop – You decide which medical technology rocks the world
Presented by Medtronic

Take part in a Battle of the Bands-style interactive session featuring six expert healthcare professionals going head-to-head to try to convince you that their chosen medical device is the most innovative technology in healthcare today. 

Each year, millions of patients find that their lives are changed or saved by medical technology. 

Our speakers will explain the benefits of their device and show how thanks to technology that operations are safer, physical performance is improved, the length of time spent in hospital is reduced or quality of life is better. 

But which device rocks the world? You decide who deserves to win the Battle of the Devices!

Olympic Gold

Interactive Workshop 
Sponsored by Twig Science

Sport and exercise teach us important lessons about our bodies and the science behind the limits of human ability. In this interactive workshop we will watch short Twig Science films about the scientific principles that impact on success in sporting competitions such as the Olympics.

We will discuss how performance is impacted by altitude, by air quality, by breathing pattern and by the equipment used.

Twig is a resource offering hundreds of outstanding short films and materials online:

Science for Experimentation

Don Henderson Award

Young Scientists present their own work 

Prior to today’s event we asked you to undertake a research project that you will present to the other schools in your group. 

All presentations will be competing for The Association for Clinical Biochemistry & Laboratory Medicine Trophy for the Don Henderson Award.

The award will be presented at the end of the day.

Science for Educators

CPD Teachers’ Workshop –
Taking the buzz back to the classroom

Delivered by Science Learning Centre London
Institute of Education

The new teachers’ strand to the conference enables teachers accompanying students to use the day for their own professional development. Provided by Science Learning Centre London, the hands on training will focus on teaching techniques to take the buzz of the conference back to the classroom.

Science for Gold

The 9th Annual Schools Science Conference took place on 20th March 2012

The Royal College of Pathologists

2 Carlton House Terrace
St James’s