The 20th Schools Science Conference comprised the following exciting sessions:

  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Science for ExperimentationYoung Scientists present their own work 
  • Science for Interaction
    • Science in Practice – A to D
    • Science in Practice – E & F
    • Ethical AI
  • Science for EducatorsCPD Teachers’ Workshop
  • Science for Inspiration
    • Keynote speech
  • Round-up & Prize Giving

Science for Interaction

Science in Practice – 1, 2 & 3

Interactive Exhibits 
Meet the Scientists and Healthcare Professionals

Hands-on interactive sessions where you meet scientists, try out some scientific equipment, undertake scientific assessments, answer questions for prizes and learn how science is applied to healthcare.

AND don’t forget to ask scientists what they do and why they love their jobs.

Ethical AI

Interactive Workshop 
Presented by The Royal Institution

Join us for an exciting adventure with Dan Glaser and Arianna Manzini as we explore why STEM alone isn’t enough for creating ethical AI. 

Get ready to dive into lively discussion groups led by experienced facilitators, where we’ll dissect and question what we’ve learned. 

As the passion grows, you’ll be urged to share your own insights, sparking a vibrant exchange of ideas that will reshape the complex landscape of innovation and ethics. 

Each group will share their thoughts with a comprehensive summary, capturing the essence of our collective insights. 

Facilitator: Dan Glaser
Director of Science Engagement, The Royal Institution

Speaker: Arianna Manzini
Research Scientist, Google DeepMind

Science for Experimentation

Don Henderson Award

Young Scientists present their own work 

Prior to today’s event we asked you to undertake a research project that you will present to the other schools in your group. 

All presentations will be competing for the Association for Laboratory Medicine Trophy
for the Don Henderson Award

The award will be presented at the end of the day.

Science for Educators

CPD Teachers’ Workshop

Embedding careers support in a STEM Club
Presented by Paula Bull and Anna Stoten of STEM Learning

Discover the incredible impact volunteers can have on enriching STEM learning and shaping future careers through the exhilarating STEM Ambassadors Programme!

Uncover a treasure trove of resources that will ignite curiosity, spark innovation, and empower students to reach for the stars. Unlock a world of possibilities and take home invaluable tools to inspire the next generation of STEM superstars!

Paula Bull 
Science Learning Partnership Lead for South London, Computing Hub Lead for London, Surrey and West Sussex 

Anna Stoten
Project Coordinator on the STEM Ambassadors Programme for London, STEM Learning

Science for Inspiration

What is AI and why does it matter?

Keynote Speaker
Christopher Kelly

Find out …

what artificial intelligence is 

what interesting things can it do

how AI might be important in our future lives, and 

how you can get involved

Chris is a research scientist working in Google’s Health AI team to apply artificial intelligence to health problems. Prior to joining Google, he completed a PhD in medical imaging at King’s College London. 

He continues to practise as a paediatrician on the neonatal intensive care unit at St Thomas’ Hospital, London. As a clinician, he created an award-winning smartphone app called NeoMate, used worldwide to support doctors and nurses looking after sick newborn infants. 

Alongside medicine, Chris previously founded two internet start-ups that were both acquired, and is an active angel investor in technology start-ups.

Christopher Kelly
Research Scientist, Google Health AI

Science for Artificial Intelligence

The 21st Annual Schools Science Conference took place on 24th April 2024

University of Westminster

115 New Cavendish Street

The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service

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