#1. What effect(s) would you predict adrenaline would have on your body?

#2. Do a kidney transplant patient and donor need to be ABO blood group compatible?

#3. What is the difference between viruses and bacteria?

#4. Which of the following may be diagnosed with a cardiorespiratory sleep study?

#5. What percentage of nurses are children’s nurses?

#6. What is the main reason for randomising patients to their treatment allocation in a clinical trial?

#7. When was Great Ormond Street (the first children’s hospital in the UK) founded?

#8. What is a device for accurately measuring blood pressure?

#9. What is the carbon footprint of an average UK clinical trial?

#10. Asthma is a disease that mainly affects which part of the lungs?

#11. Why is a crossmatch needed before a kidney transplant can take place?

#12. How are diseases diagnosed by the doctor?

#13. What does an antibiotic do?

#14. What does BiPAP stand for?

#15. Matching for HLA (human leukocyte antigen) molecules is important in transplantation


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