Science for Experimentation

Before the event, we invited schools to participate in a research project that would be showcased at the conference in the session Science for Experimentation.

All schools were competing for The Association for Clinical Biochemistry & Laboratory Medicine Trophy for the Don Henderson Award.

The conference featured a diverse range of outstanding presentations, as always.

This year’s recipients of the Don Henderson Award were the students from Leytonstone School for their project, Antimicrobial efficacy of honey and three antibiotics against e.coli.

Al-Sadiq and Al-Zahra Schools

Does looking at a screen affect how well we sleep?

Bishop Douglass Catholic School

The placebo effect – myth, madness or medicine?

Ernest Bevin College

Effects of hand wash on bacterial growth

George Mitchell School

The impact of abiotic factors on ecosystems

Leytonstone School

Antimicrobial efficacy of honey and three antibiotics against e.coli

Marylebone Boys’ School

Treatment of cancer

Mulberry UTC

What is the cleanest area of the school?

Oaklands School

Car safety – Evaluating the effect of airbags

Rokeby School

Microbes Everywhere!

The St Marylebone CofE School

How modern technology can be used to diagnose mental illness