The 16th Schools Science Conference comprised the following exciting sessions:

  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Science for ExperimentationYoung scientists present their own work 
  • Science for Interaction
    • Science in Practice – 1, 2 & The Science of You
    • Organ Workshop – Interactive Session
  • Science for EducatorsCPD Teachers’ Workshop
  • Science for Inspiration
    • Keynote speech
  • Round-up & Prize Giving

Science for Interaction

Science in Practice – 1, 2 & The Science of You

Interactive Exhibits 
Meet the Scientists and Healthcare Professionals, explore how the body works

Hands-on interactive sessions where you meet scientists, try out some scientific equipment, undertake scientific assessments, answer questions for prizes and learn how science is applied to healthcare.

AND don’t forget to ask scientists what they do and why they love their jobs.

Incorporating: The Science of You
Presented by University of Westminster

Whether you know if or not, you are a living, breathing work of science. The Science of You will demonstrate, through a number of interactive stands, how each of us is a product of the science that is constantly occurring within and around us. 

Increasing our understanding of nutrition, health, materials, biology and medicine will help us know more about ourselves.

Organ Workshop

Interactive Workshop 
Presented by The Royal College of Pathologists

Do you know where your liver is and what job it does?
What about your pancreas?
Would you donate a kidney? 

These are all questions you’ll explore at this lively organ-themed workshop. 

Our friendly team of pathologists will first challenge you to work out where each organ is found in the body; then you’ll have fun trying to match the organ to the fruit to guess its weight. 

You’ll also take part in a group activity about organ donation.

As well as getting to work with pathologists and other medics and scientists, you’ll also get to take away info about careers in pathology plus other Royal College of Pathologists’ freebies!

Science for Experimentation

Don Henderson Award

Young Scientists present their own work 

Prior to today’s event we asked you to undertake a research project that you will present to the other schools in your group. 

All presentations will be competing for The Association for Clinical Biochemistry & Laboratory Medicine Trophy for the Don Henderson Award.

The award will be presented at the end of the day.

Science for Educators

CPD Teachers’ Workshop –
STEM Learning and CREST

STEM Learning

Presented by Robert Cooper
Senior Facilitator and Science Consultant with STEM Learning

STEM Learning is a not-for-profit organisation that delivers subject-specific, high impact professional development and resources, so teachers can teach effectively and inspire the young people with whom they work.

All activities are grounded in appropriate education and scientific research and are supported by clear evidence of impact.

Teachers’ will learn what is available for face-to-face and online CPD for teachers in STEM subjects and a wide range of resources to help make lessons exciting and engaging for students.


Presented by Sharon Buckley, Primary Science Education Consultancy Ltd 
Regional CREST Support Organisation, London

During the presentation the structure and benefits of the CREST award scheme will be shared and teachers will be guided to resources and how to apply online.

Science for Inspiration

Astrobiology – The Hunt for alien life

Keynote Speaker
Dr Dominic King

In his talk, Dr King will discuss his time as a surgeon and how the work currently being carried out by DeepMind is aimed at using AI to transform the healthcare sector – from building algorithms to detect eye disease, to designing technology that detects patient deterioration.

DeepMind is the world leader in artificial intelligence research and its application for real world impact. DeepMind Health was launched in February 2016 to build mobile tools and use AI research to help get patients from test to treatment as quickly and accurately as possible.

The clinical app company Dominic King cofounded out of Imperial College London, HARK, was acquired by DeepMind in 2016. Dominic is an Honorary Clinical Lecturer in Surgery at Imperial College London, where he worked for over a decade in the Academic Surgical Unit.

Dominic’s research interests lie in digital health, patient safety and behavioural economics.

Dr Dominic King is a former general surgeon who is now working at DeepMind, the world leader in artificial intelligence (AI) research and its application for positive impact.

Dr Dominic King MD PhD
Clinical Lead, DeepMind

Science for Discovery

The 15th Annual Schools Science Conference took place on 18th April 2018

University of Westminster

115 New Cavendish Street