The 16th Schools Science Conference comprised the following exciting sessions:

  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Science for ExperimentationYoung scientists present their own work 
  • Science for Interaction
    • Science in Practice – 1 and 2
    • Blood and Bugs Workshop – Interactive Session
  • Science for EducatorsCPD Teachers’ Workshop
  • Science for Inspiration
    • Keynote speech
  • Round-up & Prize Giving

Science for Interaction

Science in Practice – 1, 2 & 3

Interactive Exhibits – Sponsored by Society for Applied Microbiology
Meet the Scientists and Healthcare Professionals

Hands-on interactive sessions where you meet scientists, try out some scientific equipment, undertake scientific assessments, answer questions for prizes and learn how science is applied to healthcare.

AND don’t forget to ask scientists what they do and why they love their jobs.

Blood and Bugs Workshop

Interactive Workshop 
Presented by The Royal College of Pathologists

Based on activities delivered as part of the BBC WWI At Home roadshow, we will take you on an interactive journey exploring medical developments from 1914 to 2014. 

You will gain insight into the contribution that pathology has made in healthcare as a result of the discoveries and innovations that occurred during WWI and discover the crucial role of pathology in healthcare today and in the foreseeable future.

Science for Experimentation

Don Henderson Award

Young Scientists present their own work 

Prior to today’s event we asked you to undertake a research project that you will present to the other schools in your group. 

All presentations will be competing for The Association for Clinical Biochemistry & Laboratory Medicine Trophy for the Don Henderson Award.

The award will be presented at the end of the day.

Science for Educators

CPD Teachers’ Workshop –
Taking the buzz back to the classroom

Presented by Kimberly C Gilmour
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust

This is an interactive workshop where you will be provided with resources and information about science careers for your students.

In addition you will undertake several easy experiments based on the interactive stands that you can then share with your classes.


  • Increased knowledge of science career resources
  • Ability to undertake experiments based on health science that can then be shared with students

Science for Inspiration

Parasites – The master manipulators

Keynote Speaker
Dr Sheena Cruickshank

Parasites are the most common type of life of our planet and have existed from the time of the dinosaurs. Today Sheena is going to talk about some of the ways parasites manipulate their hosts to promote their own survival.

Sheena Cruickshank is a Senior Lecturer in the Manchester Immunology group in the Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Manchester & a trustee in the British Society of Immunology.

Her research focuses on how immune responses start and on predicting why some people are resistant to infection and others are not and get long term or chronic inflammation.

Her background is in immunology and parasitology and her training has taken her from an undergraduate degree and work experience in Strathclyde University, to a PhD in Cancer Immunology in Leeds to postdoctoral work in gut immunology at Leeds University.

Dr Sheena Cruickshank
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Manchester

Science for Survival

The 12th Annual Schools Science Conference took place on 22nd April 2015

University of Westminster

115 New Cavendish Street