Science for Experimentation

Before the event, we invited schools to participate in a research project that would be showcased at the conference in the session Science for Experimentation.

All schools were competing for The Association for Clinical Biochemistry & Laboratory Medicine Trophy for the Don Henderson Award.

The conference featured a diverse range of outstanding presentations, as always.

This year’s recipients of the Don Henderson Award were the students from St Augustine’s CE High School for their project, Our first aid kit.

Al-Sadiq and Al-Zahra Schools

The wind drives

Barnet and Southgate College


Bishop Douglass Catholic School

Lifecycle – the blowfly

Bolingbroke Academy

Diseases and vaccinations

Bolingbroke Academy

What are the 5 diseases most responsible for deaths?

Claremont High School Academy


Greenshaw High School

Coronary heart disease

King Fahad Academy

Living lunch

La Sainte Union Catholic School

What makes the best Coke geyser?

Overton Grange School

The importance of water

Plashet School

4-minute shower power!

Plashet School

Aqua fusion – testing rain water

Plashet School

Stop the drop!

Quintin Kynaston Academy

Sleep deprivation and its effects

Rokeby School

Heart and lungs

St Augustine’s CE High School

Our first aid kit

St George’s Catholic School

Dead body investigation

The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls

Bacteria around the school

The Petchey Academy


Tottenham University Technical College

Making a biosensor

Westminster Academy

Water purification